About Startup Challenge

Presented by NTT Ltd., Japan's largest telecom firm will be supporting the Asian startup ecosystem with an opportunity for funding, access to our investor network and quality technological infrastructure.

Our Goal is to support startup ecosystem in Asia and scale or leverage startup business through the alliance with NTT Ltd.

This is the first initiative to have a two-day event in 2019. On the second day, the matching event between Startup and Corporation will be held.

About NTT Ltd. Group

NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company under NTT Incorporated (NTT Inc). We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achive outcomes through intelligent technology solutions.

For us, intelligent means data driven, connected, digital, and secure. As a global ICT provider, we employ more than 40.000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans 57 countries, trading in 73 countries and delivering services in over 200 countries.
Together we enable the connected future.

Application Category

Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Sharing Economy


1st Winner
2nd Winner
3rd Winner
Orange FAB Award
Panasonic Game Changer Catapult Award

Our Finalist

Portofolio Indonesia


Total of US $10,000
Award by Partners
Free use of ICT infrastructure
Invitation to Matching Event on Nov 21 st

Speakers & Judges

  • Kuan Hsu

    Co-Founder And General Partner - KK Fund

    Kuan Hsu is the Co-Founder and General Partner of KK Fund, focusing on early stage internet and mobile investments ini Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He Started his career in management consulting with McKinsey & Co. in the US.

    He subsequently moved to Singapore, executing PE deals at TEmasek throughout the region prior to becoming a Venture Capitalist responsible for GREE Ventures' Southeast Asian operations.

  • Akie Iriyama

    Professor - Waseda Business School

    Professor Iriyama joined WBS in 2013. Prior to joining WBS, he served as an assistant professor of State University of New York at Bufallo, United States, for five years. He received MA and BA in economics from Keio University, Japan, and Ph. D. from University of Pittsburgh, United States.

  • Hiroshi Nishikawa

    Partnership Manager - Orange Japan

    Hiroshi has been a Partnership Manager at Orange Japan, Orange Group's whally-owned open innovation center in Tokyo since 2010.

  • Nikhil Kapur

    Partner - GREE Ventures

    Nikhil has overseen investment & exits in multiple Indonesian companies such as Bukalapak and Crowde. He developed the first version of Excel for mobile, deploying to over 10 M users. He was recently listed as Forbes 30-Under-30 in Asia. He completed his MBA in Finance from NUS Business School. He also developed the first version of Excel for a mobile while at Microsoft, deploying to over 10M users. He was recently listed as Forbes 30-Under-30 in Asia.

  • Masa Fukata

    Director - Game Changer Catapult, Panasonic

    Masa co-founded an internal innovation accelerator "Game Changer Catapult" in 2016, an initiative to transform ideas into reality to make the people's wish through open innovation for a better life, a better world at the home tech division, Appliances Company in Panasonic Corporation. Also he was appointed as Director in BeeEdge Co., Ltd. a joint-venture business incubation company with Panasonic, Scrum Ventures LLC, a US-based venture capital firm, and INCJ Ltd.

  • Halim Wijaya

    VP Regional Business Head Grab

    Halim Wijaya is trusted in 2019 as VP regional Business Head in Grab after previously succeed in leading Grab Rental as VP head of strategic supply for 3 years, disrupting the existing transportation rental industry. With a education background as Technical Industrial, he also previously has experience for 6 years in handling national-scale-operation in no.1 transportation finance corporation, ADIRA Finance as Head of National Credit Operation.

  • Indra Utoyo

    Digital, IT and Operation Director -BRI

    Previously served as Director of Digital Banking & Information Technology PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and Director of Digital & Strategic Portfolio PT Telkom (2012-2017) Obtained Master Degree in Communication and Signal Processing, Imperial College, University of London, UK (1994), and He received a Doctoral Candidate in Strategic Management from UI (2014). In 2010, he won the 1st Best CIO, SWA

  • Rudiantara

    Former Ministry of Communication and Informatics

    Joined Indosat at the age of 25, his career was fairly fast and within a matter of few years he became the General Manager of BD. He moved to Telkomsel 10 years after, and He also asked to improve other state-owned companies. In 2014, He joined Kabinet Bekerja and held position as Ministry of Communication and Informatics

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Final Stage Pitch - Champion



Soehanna Hall - Energy Building
Jakarta Selatan Indonesia


  • 01.30 - 02.00 PM
  • 02.00 - 02.40 PM
  • 03.10 - 05.00 PM
  • 05.00 - 05.30 PM
  • 06.00 - 7.30 PM

Matching Event

Invitation Only



  • 01.00 - 02.00 PM
  • 02.00 - 02.40 PM
  • 02.40 - 05.00 PM
  • 05.00 - 06.30 PM


How many startup will be selected for final stage?

It will be varied according to the total number of applicants, but we will select the top 10-20 startups among the applicants.

Do you have any instructions for application?

Yes. First go to APPLY NOW! Button and you will be directed to a form. Once you are directed, please fill in some details including email address. You will be receiving further instruction details by email. Follow the instruction and submit your business plan. Your application is well-received and wait for the announcement,.

What type of startups can apply?

Any startup companies operating its business in Indonesia (or other countries within South East Asia) can apply to this competition. AI, Big Data, FinTech, and Sharing economy type of startup are encourage to apply, however it is also open to startup from other type. We prefer to have Series A startup, but basically it is open to any stage of startup.

Do you have any sample application slides?

Please see the template here

Who will evaluate the applications?

Evaluation committee, which is consist of VCs, Startup’s CEOs, Executives from NTT Ltd. and more, will evaluate the applications.


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